Hollywoodbets Data Free App: Downloading Guide [2023]

Hollywoodbets is a leading South African casino and sportsbook with one-click login and registration bonus of 25 ZAR + 50 free spins. Hollywoodbets works properly without stable Internet — just spend a minute for a Hollywoodbets data-free app download. Sign up in the app and start winning on sports betting.

Data Free App in SA

About Hollywoodbets Data Free App

The data-free app has the same interface and part of the functionality of the full site. But, unlike them, the data-free app cashes current Hollywoodbets and players’ data when the connection is good and displays them when the connection is interrupted. As a result, the app excludes these consequences of connection errors:

  • The app crashes;
  • “lost” bets, bonuses, and money transactions;
  • Failed authorizations;
  • Multiple reconnection attempts and possible blocking for suspicious activity.
Review of the data-free app in SA

How Data Free App Works

The Hollywoodbets data-free app has three modes due to the Internet speed. Their indicators are located in the empty field on the top of the screen:

  • Wi-Fi: the connection is stable, and the app exchanges data with the server. Markets and events are updated online, player bets are registered by the casino immediately.
  • Low Data Usage: mobile network. The app saves Internet traffic, updates data rarely, and downloads a lighter interface version. 
  • Offline: the network is absent or interrupted. That app encrypts and saves all your actions and shows you the previously saved interface. When the connection is recovered, your bets or cashouts will be accepted by the site server.

Data Free App Functionality

The data-free app keeps the majority of the main site’s functions. After Hollywoodbets data free app download and installation, players can:

  • place and cashout all bet types for all 40+ sports;
  • play national lotteries from the whole world;
  • track daily results;
  • deposit and withdraw money;
  • manage your account, including establishing bet limits;
  • apply for help the customer support service;
  • buy vouchers, participate in tournaments, and claim sports and casino bonuses.

Data Free App Limitations

The Hollywoodbets data-free app is not absolutely Internet-free. The app requires an Internet connection for installation and first surfing to fill the cash. In the offline mode, players may use only the sections that were visited previously

The app does not save big data sets like videos and flash content. 

The data-free app does not include the options that require a stable connection. You cannot play casino games, track game schemes, or watch live broadcasts. 

These site sections are excluded from the data-free app:

  • information about top-up vouchers;
  • local branch addresses and contacts;
  • fixture schedules for the most popular sports;
  • the blog, guide videos, and sports podcasts;
  • link to the app for phones with low technical characteristics.

Hollywoodbets Data Free App Download

For the installation of the data-free app, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Hollywoodbets site on your cell phone.
  2. Scroll down and click Go to Data Free.
  3. On the next page, click Download Android App.
  4. Allow downloading from unknown sources to your smartphone.
  5. Then click a browser pop-up message. Or go to the download directory, double-click the Hollywoodbets APK, and the installation will start.
Download Data Free App on Android or IOS

Hollywoodbets Data Free Website

You can use the data-free version without downloading extra software. Click Go to Free Data and then click the button Proceed to Data Free Site. The site has the same interface and limitations as the app and also uses cashing for a weak connection.

How to Log in to Data Free App

Registered players may authorize without a Hollywoodbets data-free login and password because the app copies your number from the smartphone settings. Click the button Login on the top of the screen, and you will be redirected to your account.

How to Sign Up Hollywoodbets with Data Free App

You can also register and receive 25 ZAR + 50 free spins, just finish the Hollywoodbets data-free app download and installation. To create a Hollywoodbets account:

  1. Click the button Register in the main menu.
  2. In the registration form, enter your name and select a gender.
  3. Enter the national ID number.
  4. Fill in the contact fields. It is better to type both your phone number and email for email confirmation or possible account recovery.
  5. Add your address, at least a province, city, suburb, street, and house number.
  6. Enter your area code.
  7. Select your main income source, you will prove it during the KYC.
  8. Confirm that you are an adult, know your withdrawal methods, and agree with the site’s terms and conditions.
  9. Pass a human test and click Submit to finish registration.
  10. Verify your address with an SMS or email code.
Registering for the Data Free App

Data Free App vs Hollywoodbets App

The data-free app is very similar to the main Hollywoodbets mobile app. But they have several differences and complement each other.

Data Free AppMain App
Saves your Internet traffic.Requires a quality Internet connection.
Protected against Internet connection failures.May have errors if the connection is unstable.
Saves your interface interactions, made without the Internet.You need to repeat all clicks you have made without the Internet. 
No casino sections, only sports betting.Contains all games and functions of the main site.
No content that requires a stable Internet.Supports live broadcasts, bets, and casino games.
No information about top-up vouchers, land-based branch offices, sports schedules, blog posts, and videos.All sections of the main site are available.
The link to the low-technics app is absent.You may install the low-technics app via the main app.

You can navigate from the data-free app to the regular one and the opposite.

Why You Should Use Data Free App

The Hollywoodbets data-free app is a unique solution that rejects the connection vulnerabilities of regular apps. 

  • Bet anytime and anywhere. The app makes players independent from the Internet, mobile network, and even electric power. 
  • Avoid money losses because of interrupted data transactions. The app excludes server errors when a player’s money is transferred, but a bet is not registered.
  • Increase winnings. With the data-free app, players place more bets for more events and, as a result, win more.

By choosing the data-free app, you choose stability. Install the Hollywoodbets app, sign up, bet, and win despite the Internet connection.